Forma Fundo
Educatieve Diermodellen


In developing and producing our manikins, we aim to accomplish three things:

  1. To make durable, true-to-life training models which enable a realistic simulation;
  2. To create a low-stress learning environment for students;
  3. To reduce the need for laboratory animals.

sub 1. Our models are highly anatomically accurate which allows for a true-to-life simulation of a clinical procedure which can be executed down to the smallest detail.

sub 2. Research shows that students who have had to practice on a model find themselves better prepared to execute that same clinical procedure on a living animal. Please click here (link is external) for more information on this subject.

sub 3. Using manikins in for instance a Skills-Lab, enables students to practice as often as they want. This way, the use of living animals will no longer be necessary. Result: an increase in practice moments and a decrease in animal testing.