Forma Fundo
Educatieve Diermodellen


Applicability of the models

Forma Fundo’s animal manikins, or phantoms are all true to life and anatomically accurate. They have been developed to practice veterinary procedures. Additionally, the models can be used in anatomy classes.

Available models

The following models are currently available for delivery:

  • A canine cranium to practice an intubation procedure. This is the so called intubation manikin.
  • A canine foreleg to practice hitting the Vena Cephalica.  This is the so called venipunction manikin.

Both models are extremely durable owing to the production method and the choice of materials. Our intubation manikin has been used intensively on a weekly basis for 5 years and still doesn't exhibit a single defect.

We are currently working on expanding our line of products.

Additional products

You can also order separate products such as drip bags containing artificial blood and a synthetic artificial vein. If you would like to order an item please contact us.

Price list and demonstration

If you require a price list, please use the contact form to reach us.

We would be very happy to visit you personally and demonstrate our models.