Forma Fundo
Educatieve Diermodellen

Intubation Manikin

Practicing an intubation procedure

This model allows students to practice an intubation procedure. Both the procedure itself and the proper demonstration of the procedure can be practiced.

True to life and anatomically accurate

Like all models of Forma Fundo, this model is true to life and anatomically accurate, meaning that it contains all structures that can normally be found in the mouth and pharynx including the glottis, the epiglottis and a flexible tongue. Moreover, the manikin has both a trachea and an esophagus, creating a realistic situation in which it would be possible to incorrectly intubate into the esophagus.

Prone position

The model is mounted on a stand in such a way that it simulates the prone position, the most common position to intubate.

Artificial lung

An artificial lung is mounted at the rear of the stand, which closes the trachea. Placement of a breathing tube to the endotracheal tube allows flow sounds to be heard prior to and after cuffing.