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Urethral catheterization

Forma Fundo's newest phantom is the bitch's urethral catheterization or bladder catheterization phantom.

Catheterizing a bitch

Catheterising a bitch is a difficult procedure that can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. Knowing this, many are hesitant to embark on a catheterization, while unobstructed urine flow can be helpful or even necessary in many cases. Both patient and (para)veterinary benefit from the procedure being controlled. As a student it is nice to be able to practice this clinical action in a safe and quiet environment, such as a skills lab. This catheterization model has been developed for this purpose.


In accordance with our objective, all anatomical structures are also present in this model. As a result, the most important points for attention during a catheterization can be explained during the practicals. The vagina is present up to the cervix containing the clitoral fossa, the mucosal folds and the opening of the urethra. The presence of a “urinary bladder” allows control of the procedure: When the catheter is correctly positioned using a speculum or by touch, “urine” can be aspirated with a syringe. In addition, the complication can be simulated of inserting the urinary catheter too deeply causing the catheter to twist into a knot.

The flexibility of the materials used that form the mucous membranes feels very natural (use of lubricant during practice is required).

Another fantastic educational phantom for students to prepare their clinical practical skills in detail.