Forma Fundo
Educatieve Diermodellen

This is Richard


Richard Lenters founded Forma Fundo in June 6, 2011 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of veterinary education by marketing proper clinical educational material.

Curriculum Vitae

After having studied veterinary medicine for a couple of years, Richard started working for the Anatomy department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicin at the University of Utrecht, a job he thoroughly enjoyed for a total of 7 years. During those years, he used different techniques to make various laboratory specimens for educational purposes. A part of his work has been displayed in museums. The above experience contributed to his extended knowledge in veterinary anatomy and extraordinary skills in making laboratory specimens.

Experience in veterinary education

Richard works as an Anesthesiologist Assistant at the University Clinic for Domestic Animals at the University of Utrecht. He has extensive experience dealing with students in veterinary education both in his current position and in his former job at Anatomy. Because of this, he is fully aware of the improvements needed in clinical education. He also noticed a growing desire to replace animal testing by alternative practice material in order to improve animal wellbeing and patient care.

Added value of Forma Fundo in veterinary and paraveterinary education

All of the above contributed to the idea to found Forma Fundo and to develop and produce proper educational animal manikins. Today, these models have more than proven their value in education.